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Melbourne Team-building Programs

While we customise every program here are a couple of ideas.


Team Building              

The one everyone asks for and says "it should be easy" we know you and your team have it in you, so let us brings some fun and challenging activities to help bring it out. We can help you to realize what you did and how you did it so you can take it away with you and put it to work for you !

The objectives for the day are around; Developing Strengths, Building better Relationships, Target Outcomes, Fun.


              PGT Challenge Day

We can help get your group out and about with a challenge day.

Your group will have to work together to choose and complete challenges that bring out the best of the team, the PGT staff will be allocating points, not just for the challenges but also for other things like how your group works together, how you’re including everyone, and lots of other things.

The objectives for the day are around; Challenge, Support for each other, Fun.


Meeting/Planning Facilitation              

We know it’s a challenge to have everyone working on the same thing and especially those big planning days !

So why not have us come and help, we can add a bit of meaningful fun to get you started and get those creative brains going and then help bring out your goals and get the team focused on how THEY and YOU will bring it to life when your back and the whole TEAM is working on it together.

The objectives for the day are around; Target Outcomes, innovation and change, Improving decision making, Fun.


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