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District 9790 RYLA is an annual youth leadership program that attracts around 40 young adults and a team of volunteer facilitators. Paul and PGT staff began supporting us 15 years ago. To gain the maximum benefit from any program all aspects of the program need to contribute to the desired outcomes. The People Groups Teams staff ensure outcomes are met and become part of your team. Another key benefit is unbiased feedback. Paul gives lots of support and contributes to the growth and development of our participants and the volunteer facilitator team. The volunteer team will be working with PGT ongoing as they a great asset to our program participants and our team.

-Linda Gidlund, District 9790 Rotary Youth Leadership Award, Chair"

"It was great hearing from Paul doing our training weekend, the information he delivered was targeted specifically for us and was exactly what we didn't know we needed."

-Adrian Puttyfoot, RYLA supporter

"PGT’s teambuilding program is extremely fun and practical, run by highly engaging presenters who are experienced at delivering a program to fit your team. Each time I have attended a session I have gained new facilitation tools which I look forward to applying to my supporter roles in the future."

-Richard Mason, RYLA supporter


Paul and PGT have been part of our last two volunteer trainings, and on both of those they hit the goals and objectives that we had talked about and set up for the training and all of the volunteers learnt a lot about how they work together and how to work with the groups we serve  and at the same time had lots of fun themselves, all in all PGT did an excellent job and we are looking forward to having them doing a fantastic job for the next training and recommend them to others to use.


And here is a little fun from us at PGT, because its always good to have some fun!


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